Sung Chun-Sun, founder of Swanicoco started making natural skincare products in 2003 because her family has sensitive and atopic skin conditions. She started by making simple soap, toners, lotions and essence and shared these products with her neighbours and relatives as well. After receiving strong reviews and demand for her home-made products, she began a small shop in 2004 and started selling her products to more people.

From these humble beginnings, Swanicoco has now grown into 28 stores in Korea with worldwide presence. While business has grown by leaps and bounds, the commitment to use only healthy and natural ingredients to make effective and safe products, remains its most important core value.

Today, all of Swanicoco’s products contain at least 90%-100% natural ingredients. Is free from animal origin and not tested on animals.



Fermentation is a process usually applied only to food. The logic of using fermented ingredients in skincare is very similar. Fermentation allows the nutrient-dense ingredients to be absorbed quicker into your skin. It helps with detoxification, retains moisture and heals damaged skin from the ageing process.

Many skincare brands contain at least 80% of water as their base. Imagine how much more effective a product can be, if we replace that water with fermented extracts as a base? For example, Swanicoco’s Bitamin C Calm Down Emulsion uses RICE FERMENT EXTRACT as its base, instead of water; or its A.C Control Care Toner, uses Tea Tree Leaf water instead of water.

The efficacy is now several times higher because the product is rich in its nutritional content, without unnecessary fillers such as water.

And you can feel it. When you apply a Swanicoco’s toner on your skin, you can feel it being absorbed very quickly and efficiently.


Swanicoco excludes all components that are harmful to skin. It is free from pigments, synthetic perfumes, chemical preservatives, alcohol, mineral oil, paraben and benzophenone.  

Numerous research and experiments have been done to look for replacements through natural extracts and fermentation extracts that are safe and hypoallergenic to the skin, and yet are equally, or even more, effective.


The main component in Swanicoco’s products are sourced from France and other European countries that are leaders in the skincare/ cosmetics raw material. Swanicoco also include approved organic raw materials from USA and Australia.


  • Do not make products that are full of normal purified water and chemicals
  • Always actively working on products to improve your skin through natural ingredients synergized with bio-technology
  • Manufactures all products under dermatologist test by the certified authority of KFDA
  • Make products that are safe for all to use, providing comfort and relief for your skin.
  • Constantly communicating with you, our customers, to know you and your skin’s needs.
  • Against animal-testing


Swanicoco’s first concept store in Malaysia is located at 163 Retail Park (Level 2), Mon’t Kiara. Beautiful and simple, the store is created for you to:

  • Browse
  • Get more product information, ingredient information and skin benefits via the ipad placed on our giant table
  • Join us on our mini-tea sessions and workshops where we discuss beauty regime, treating troubled areas and incorporating a self-care attitude into your skincare routine
  • Have a cup of tea / coffee while chatting with our team


  • You can browse and read up all about the products in the comfort of your home.
  • Purchase online and we will deliver it to your home or purchase online and collect it from our store
  • Read our blogs as we share skincare trends and ingredient stories.  
  • Be the first to know when we host mini-tea workshops on skin care
  • Be the first to know about giveaways

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Loco Stores Sdn Bhd is an appointed sub-distributor and authorized reseller of Swanicoco in the Malaysian and South-East Asia market.  It is our team’s mission to curate brands from around the world, that are natural, effective and sincere in treating its customers right, for the Malaysian market.

We believe that Swanicoco is such a brand. Several factors about Swanicoco has won us over and made us believe that this is the product that should be shared with the Malaysian consumers:

  • We believe that asian skincare products are more suitable for Asian skin because of the commonalities in skin conditions faced
  • South Korea has always been at the top of the game when it comes to skincare and cosmetic products. The focus being placed on the beauty industry also means, greater innovation and better products, which then translates into effective and value-for-money solutions for its customers.
  • Swanicoco isn’t just focused on being effective. It is truly committed to be effective, without using harmful chemicals. It has gone out of its way to ensure that all its products are made from natural ingredients.
  • And when you take commitment to using nature’s best gift and match it with Korea’s innovative bio-technology, you have a product that is safe yet effective for your skin
  • Swanicoco has been ranked the number 1 brand in the natural skincare category in Korea for close to 2 years now.

We are a team of passionate curators. If you wish to connect with our team, drop us an email at or chat with us ‘live’ on our website