• I want to know more about Swanicoco and its products

    Swanicoco is a Korean skincare and cosmetic brand. These are the highlights of the brand:

    • Uses natural ingredients. At least 90%-100% of our products are made from natural ingredients
    • Safe to use, effective and hypo-allergenic
    • Uses fermented ingredients as base instead of water, thus intensifying the effectiveness of our products
    • Do not use harmful ingredients – free from pigments, synthetic perfumes, chemical preservatives, alcohol, mineral oil, paraben and benzophenone.
    • Is free from animal origin
    • Not tested on animals
    • Includes approved organic raw materials from USA and Australia.
    • Manufactures all products under dermatologist test by the certified authority of KFDA
    • Currently has 30 stores in Korea, expanding into China, arrived on Malaysian shores and present worldwide through e-commerce.

    For more information about Swanicoco’s origin, please go to our About Us page.

  • Who is Loco Stores Sdn Bhd?

    Loco Stores Sdn Bhd is the authorized reseller of Swanicoco in Malaysia and South East Asia.

    Our team consist of both Malaysia and Singapore-grown talents. Young and passionate about curating natural and effective products from around the world, for the SEA market. The team is based in vibrant Malaysia, because of its food, rich culture and the booming entrepreneurial scene.  

    Loco Stores operate both the Retail store (163 Retail Park, Mont’ Kiara Level 2, Kuala Lumpur) and E-commerce store (www.swanicoco.my) of Swanicoco in Malaysia and SouthEast Asia. 

    If you wish to join our team or collaborate with us, please contact us at hello@swanicoco.store 

  • I want to know more about Swanicoco’s Affiliate program

    These are the key highlights of Swanicoco’s Affiliate program:

    • When you share our products with your family, friends, colleagues, website visitors or social media followers, you get to earn a commission up to 10% on each successful purchase.
    • You can choose to put in the order on their behalf or have them place the order using a unique code that is assigned to you, so that we know you are the affiliate.
    • There is no need for you to stock up on our products. Which means you do not need any capital to start in our affiliate program. When there is an order, simply order through our website (www.swanicoco.my) and we will have it delivered to your customers.
    • There are no sales target.
    • You do not need to deliver the goods to your customers (well, unless you prefer to do it yourself and build a more personal relationship with them).
    • Whenever you have an order, place it online on our website (www.swanicoco.my) and we will deliver it to you or to your intended recipients.
    • We offer free shipping for orders above RM200 (in West Malaysia) and RM300 (everywhere else)
    • You have access to online tutorials and workshops that give you good knowledge of how to sell our products, and how to become a trusted beauty advisor.
    • No need to travel and attend group meetings. All our sharing and tutorials are conducted online. As long as you are a member, you get access to these materials that can be watched/ read at a time that is most convenient for you
      We provide selling materials, so that you don’t have to create your own.
  • How do I register for Swanicoco’s affiliate program?


    Simply register here.

    Fill in your particulars and our team will get in touch with you and orient you on the next steps.


  • Do you ship internationally?

    Yes we do.

    We ship within Malaysia (both West and East) and South East Asia countries.

  • How do i order online?

    Go to “Shop”

    Click on the products you would like to purchase and add it to your cart

    Once you have completed your ordering, please check out your cart. 


    Once payment is successfully made, the order is completed and you will receive an email notification with a receipt attached.


  • How can i pay for my order?

    You can pay through your credit cards, debit cards or PayPal.


  • Can i cancel my order?


    Once your order is despatched to our courier service provider, you will not be able to cancel your order. You can go to “My Account” page to check on the status of your order.



  • How do i request for a return or refund?

    We accept returns in these situations:

    • The product you received isn’t what you have ordered

    • The product you received isn’t in its original packaging

    • The product you received appeared to have been opened, tampered with, broken or defective. 


    In these situations, please contact our team directly and we will help you through the process of returning the faulty goods. These are the various ways you can get in touch with us:

    • ‘Live’ chat on our website

    • Whatsapp us at 60123503385

    • Email us at hello@swanicoco.store


    All return requests must be made within 7 days of receiving your goods. 

    You can opt for an exchange or a refund. 


  • I have put in an order but my goods did not arrive. What should I do?

    Please refer to our Shipping Information for the estimated delivery timeline. You can also track your order via your Account on our website or our third-party courier service provider. In the event that your goods did not arrive, please contact our team directly via any of these methods and we will help you through the process:


    • ‘Live’ chat on our website

    • Whatsapp us at 6012 350 3385

    • Email us at hello@swanicoco.store

  • Does Swanicoco have a retail store?


    Yes, Swanicoco launched its first concept store in Kuala Lumpur in June 2019. It is located at 163 Retail Park (level 2), Mon’t Kiara. Operating hours: 10a.m -10p.m.


  • I want to know more about Swanicoco’s beauty workshop

    We conduct frequent beauty workshops at our retail store in 163 Retail Park. These beauty workshops are often in the format of a mini-afternoon tea session, where a few of our subscribers/ customers come together, to learn and discuss about skin care routines, beauty tips and trends with our beauty advisors/experts.

    A personal consultation on your skin care needs and how to build a beauty routine that would help you achieve your skincare goals. 


    We usually keep these sessions relatively small and intimate so that everyone gets the time and attention they should be entitled to. It is a very casual and relaxing event. 


  • How do i sign up for Swanicoco’s beauty workshop?

    The best way is to sign up on our mailing list, so that you will be notified via email, whenever we have an upcoming workshops


    We also advertised each upcoming workshop on our website. You can register your interest and we would get in touch with you to confirm your attendance.

  • How much do you charge for Swanicoco’s beauty workshop?

    It depends on each workshop, how long is the duration and how intensive are the lessons being covered. Price ranges between RM30 – RM100 per person. 


    An average workshop includes a mini-tea treat (Coffee/tea and light snacks/pastries) and free samples for you to try and would last for about 2 hours and conducted at our store in 163 Retail Park, Mon’t Kiara. 


  • How can i contact you?

    You can contact us via any of these methods:


    • ‘Live’ chat on our website

    • Whatsapp us at 6012 350 3385

    • Email us at hello@swanicoco.store


  • How do i get free sample?

    You get free samples with every purchase, be it online or at our retail store.

    If you are new to Swanicoco and would like to try out our products first before buying, you can request for a sample* online or come by our retail store at 163 Retail Park, Mon’t Kiara. 

    *Subject to availability.  


  • What if I tried the product and don’t like it?

    That can happen. It is extremely rare however, but yes we can see that it could still happen.

    If you tried Swanicoco and didn’t like its natural content and efficacy, please contact our team directly. We would love to find out more and work it through together with you. 


    Please note that we are not the actual manufacturers of the products, hence our part is to work on your behalf and connect with the manufacturer to make sure you and your skin are being cared for. 


    Please contact our team via these methods:

    • ‘Live’ chat on our website

    • Whatsapp us at 6012 350 3385

    • Email us at hello@swanicoco.store



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